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[NEW: View my profile on My 8Asians!] Jee has been a happy resident of the often too sunny So Cal since her family emigrated here from S. Korea in 1986. She enjoys all things food related, especially the eating part. She is a borderline introvert who loves adventures and spontaneity.

Religion and Depression in Asian Youth

No matter how often Religion and Depression in Asian Youth – a topic that was blogged on 8Asians three years ago – is blogged about, written, or discussed, I’m not so sure we’ll come to a concrete, definitive conclusion. But … Continue reading

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Mixed Reactions Over Kim Jung Il’s Death

I wish my Grandfather were still alive so that I could ask him what he thinks about the passing of North Korea’s Kim Jung Il. My Grandfather was a very wise and gracious man. He never made an unfavorable comment … Continue reading

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How I Would Make Over The Korean American Church

When this article titled “Why Korean American Churches Need A Makeover” appeared in HYPHEN, I was more than happy to raise my Internet hands and take a whack at it. Reading the article flooded back memories of chatting with my … Continue reading

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Students Eating Instant Ramen Increase Risk of Chronic Disease

I love food; no, no, I really LOVE food. It’s a relationship that has been sacred and intimate and enjoyable. I scoff at canned soups and instant anything. But, somewhere in my genetic makeup is a deep love for instant … Continue reading

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Something For Your Ears: DECLARE Indie

I love music. Truthfully, good music rocks my ears off. Okay, maybe that line was cheesy and lame, but I needed something to get your attention so you don’t miss out on a great Asian American music showcase — if … Continue reading

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The People I’ve Slept With Gets a TV Deal

Indulge me as I use this space to rave and brag and gush and brag and rave and – well, you get the picture – about our very own Koji Steven Sakai. Koji is a writer; you’ve actually read his … Continue reading

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Apolo Ohno vs. South Korea

I realize that the 2010 Winter Olympics ended last week, and you might not care, but I do, so I’m going to keep on writing about it until the cows come home. Whatever that means. I love the Olympics. We … Continue reading

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Asian Women Dominate Olympic Ice

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how much I love the Olympics. My favorite sport for the Winter Olympics is, without a doubt, Women’s Figure Skating. There’s something about elegance meeting athleticism that really inspires me. Back in the Kristi Yamaguchi … Continue reading

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Asians Representin’ in the Olympics

I’m not ashamed to admit that I get pretty stoked and giddy each time the Olympics come around. Summer or Winter, I love them all. I’m always amazed and inspired at what each athlete is trying to accomplish. I can … Continue reading

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Hines Ward Helps Biracial Youths

Back when Hines Ward was a rookie, I knew about his career. Not because I followed him, but because my friends would be sure to keep me updated. I have to admit, I do pay closer attention to Korean news … Continue reading

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Facebook Reunites Vietnam Vet Father and Son

I’m a Facebook newbie — some might even call me an anti-Facebookie. It’s not that I’m anti; it’s that I didn’t get on board with all the hype and hullabaloo. I caved and joined the craze not too long ago … Continue reading

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For Korean Parents, Height can Change Fate

How important is height? For South Korean parents, it’s more than important. I’m not sure why, but ever since I can remember, I knew the parentals in South Korea were obsessed with the height of their children; it would come … Continue reading

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