Something For Your Ears: DECLARE Indie

I love music. Truthfully, good music rocks my ears off. Okay, maybe that line was cheesy and lame, but I needed something to get your attention so you don’t miss out on a great Asian American music showcase — if you would like to bring some pleasure to your eardrums, hustle yourself over to Declare INDIE, taking place in Chicago on Friday, April 16. If you need a little more convincing, let me give you three quick reasons why you should go.

Declare INDIE declares to be (shoot me, I’m in cheese mode):

  1. An Asian American music showcase with AWESOME artists.
  2. In cooperation with Kollaboration Chicago.
  3. In support of Team Connor Bone Marrow Registry Drive.

Check out the promo videos if you need more convincing. Click the link coming up to travel to their Facebook events page for what you need to know. [EDITORS NOTE: The event is also listed on our my.8asians events page, if you want to see who else is attending!]

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