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The Chinese Bootlegged “The People I’ve Slept With,” The Movie I Wrote

It started when a friend who was visiting China emailed me and told me that he saw an illegal bootlegged copy of my last film, The People I’ve Slept With.  I told him to take a picture of it but … Continue reading

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The People I’ve Slept With

The People I’ve Slept With ($9.99) is a sexy, romantic story about Angela (Karin Anna Cheung of Better Luck Tomorrow), a young woman with a zealously active sex life, who after every sexual conquest, makes keepsake “baseball cards” of each … Continue reading

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‘The People I’ve Slept With’ Opens in L.A. this Friday Night; Q&A with Filmmakers & Cast Hosted by jozjozjoz & 8Asians

We’ve been unabashed fans of the sex-comedy The People I’ve Slept With even before Koji joined our ranks, so it’s with great pleasure that we share the news that the film will be opening in Los Angeles this weekend (starting … Continue reading

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O, Sexy Me: Finding Sexual Liberation in Hollywood

By Ken I am a Sex in the City kind of guy. And not because I’m gay—it’s a known fact that the New York gals were mouthpieces by proxy for the gay male writers. I liked the character relationships, the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Giveaway: See ‘The People I’ve Slept With’ & Party with the Cast and Filmmakers

UPDATE: The winner is Dariane! Please enjoy Karin Anna Cheung’s portrayal of “Angela Yang” and Archie Kao as “Mystery Man.” Here is the winning entry: I really want to see this movie because I’d like to be able to finally … Continue reading

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The People I’ve Slept With Gets a TV Deal

Indulge me as I use this space to rave and brag and gush and brag and rave and – well, you get the picture – about our very own Koji Steven Sakai. Koji is a writer; you’ve actually read his … Continue reading

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Music Video from Asian American Movie “The People I’ve Slept With” Banned from YouTube

“Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” Official Uncut Version from People Pictures on Vimeo. It probably goes without saying that this post and all related items may be NSFW, so consider yourself warned. I know we’re not able to cover every single … Continue reading

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