Music Video from Asian American Movie “The People I’ve Slept With” Banned from YouTube

“Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” Official Uncut Version from People Pictures on Vimeo.

It probably goes without saying that this post and all related items may be NSFW, so consider yourself warned.

I know we’re not able to cover every single Asian American thing out there, but I’m shocked that we haven’t mentioned the upcoming feature film The People I’ve Slept With yet. I promise we will cover the film itself in more detail as screenings start to happen, but for now you should know that the movie is a modern sex comedy about a promiscuous woman whose motto is: “a slut is nothing more than a woman with the morals of a man.” Starring Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen, and James Shigeta (with 8Asians favorite Randall Park as “Mr Nice But Boring”), I love the trailer and can’t wait to see the film.

In the meantime, a couple of music videos from the movie have been released, but the second one, “Crazy F*cked Up B*tch,” was recently banned by YouTube because it features singer/songwriter the Fabulous Miss Wendy and lead actress Karin Anna Cheung — who plays the character Angela Yang — engaging in simulated sex. (If that doesn’t get people to click on the video above, I don’t know what will!) According to YouTube, the video was “removed due to terms of use violation.”

Stanley Yung, the producer of the film, admits that “it was a little risqué but there was no frontal nudity and nothing you couldn’t see on TV.” He believes the issue is bigger than just this video. “We are not only upset by the unjustified deletion but also appalled that our freedom of speech and creative expression has been censored.” He wonders what other videos get regularly deleted. The filmmakers are asking that their video be allowed to play on YouTube again.

The filmmakers of The People I’ve Slept With are committed to an open and frank discussion of sex between consenting adults. Quentin Lee, the director and producer of the film, said that “It’s silly that we still face so much sexual and moral repression in this day and age.”

I spoke to writer/producer Koji Steven Sakai about it over the weekend and asked if they were planning on cutting a version of the video specifically for YouTube. He said that there were no current plans to do so, but said that they did do a version that was for Logo, so a “YouTube cut” could possibly be in the future. (Of course, you can see the uncut video on their site, so who needs YouTube?)

Last year, the filmmakers had put out a call for photos, looking for people to submit pictures of themselves as if they had been one of Angela’s lovers. I asked if there were a lot of responses to this and Koji said that several hundred people did submit photos of themselves and that many of the photos will be seen in the movie or during the credits. Now I’m wondering if I’ll recognize anyone in these pix!

If you missed that chance to be a part of the film you can still be a part of the dialogue. The filmmakers launched “The Most Memorable Person I’ve Slept With” video contest — where people can share with the world their most unforgettable sexual experience which promises to yield some interesting responses. I personally don’t like seeing myself on video, but I challenge you to put yourself on tape on this topic!

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