Top 15 Sexiest Asian Males, As Rated By the Women of 8A

I asked each female writer on 8A to contribute 2 Asian males they consider irresistibly sexy and to explain why. Here goes, in no particular order:

The breakdown of who voted for who and why (and also revealing our 11-15 picks) after the jump.

I’d like to do a Heroes themed contribution.

1.) Masi Oka aka Hiro. Oka proves that you don’t have to meet the widely accepted formula of hot (abs, chiseled features, plush hair) to be TOTALLY hot. Have you seen the upcoming milk ads? Plus, he plays a man who bends time and space in an adorable nerd-chic fashion, people. That trumps abs any time.

2.) Sendhil Ramamurthy aka Mohinder. He’s just so pretty. Let’s not get into the whole Indian discussion. I embrace him as Asian. Who wouldn’t embrace poor, confused, HOT Mohinder?

Claire’s Honorable Mentions: Andy Lau from Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers: I’m a sucker for the brooding/intense guy. LOST’s Daniel Dae Kim, because sometimes abs do count and he also has an excellent smile. And lastly, good old Russell Wong; again my reason would be the same as with Sendhil: he’s just so pretty.


3.) Russell Wong. He’s not full-Asian, but I’m going to go with old skool: Russell Wong in his heyday. Russell’s looking a little older and Clooney-esque lately, but I love Clooney too, so it’s no surprise he tops my list.

4.) Takeshi Kaneshiro. And for a nice Japanese-Taiwanese hybrid, I vote for Takeshi Kaneshiro. I especially liked him with long hair and shooting arrows in House of Flying Daggers… kind of an Asian Legolas, but hotter than Orlando Bloom…

Joz’s Honorable Mentions: I had a hard time narrowing down to two. Honorable mention votes go to Daniel Henney, Yul Kwon, Rick Yune, Donnie Yen, Randall (Randy) Park, and Wong Lee Hom. Not in that order. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, Randy and I know each other from our UCLA days, so it’s kind of weird since I know him in real life. But I’ve always had a mini-crush on Randy, more so because he is so freakin’ talented and charismatic. Of course, he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too.

5.) Jin from Samurai Champloo. aside from being a very skilled swordsman, he’s got the whole cool-attitude- under-fire thing going. i applaud him for being dignified enough to be a man of few words while also being vain and superficial enough to wear unnecessary glasses just for the sake of fashion. a true metrosexual samurai.

6.) the guy who owns/operates/ is chef at golden deer on clement street in the richmond district of san francisco. his name is also sam, like mine–which gives him extra points for me because usually the other sams i meet are of the dog-like, not-human, variety–and the guy makes incredibly satisfying pho and garlic noodles until 2 in the morning on saturdays and sundays. he’s got a very debonair classiness about him, and doesn’t seem to let anyone or anything disturb his cool exterior. also, he reserves one of the tables for himself and his newspaper, which i think displays a very hot my-table-bitch- so-back-off attitude. very sexy.


7.) Daniel Dae Kim. “Apart from him being physically sexy, he’s SUCH a nice guy. Smooth deep voice, great sense of humour – I interviewed him back in 2004.”

8.) Chow Yun-Fat. “It’s the way he carries himself … debonair, classy, gentleman like. I find that incredibly HOT.”

Xxxtine’s Honorable Mentions: Archie Kao from CSI is SOooooo adorably cute – total boyfriend material. Takeshi Kanishiro I find is only physically attractive – he totally lacks on-screen macking skills. (House of Flying Daggars, anyone?) Daniel Henney isn’t bad – he’s certainly got more charisma than Dennis Oh.

After Finding Out that Her Options Weren’t Specifically Limited to Celebrities, Xxxtine Adds the Following: I would include Army-dude-I -met-in -NY- who- completely- took- me- by- surprise because he was so *swoon*, Kevin (MJ‘s roommate), and the bad guy from the cult film “Ultimate Vampire” – first crush.

9.) Beau Sia. He possesses the intensity in purpose, the passion, and the sense of humor I’d swoon for.

10.) Yul Kwon. A bodacious-athletic-alpha-male-APA-activist-philanthropist-computer-techie-ivy-league-lawyer? Can someone define “perfect man” for me again?

Akrypti’s Honorable Mentions: Changrae Lee, because not only can he write, he’s actually quite the looker; Chow Yun-Fat, who would have been one of my two picks but Xxxtine got to him first; Kang Ta from H.O.T. only because I swooned over him as a kid; Randall Park, who had me the moment I clicked into his Wikipedia profile after Joz named him; and Ming Tsai, who I’ve had a crush on since I first crawled out of white suburbia. Ever watch him cook? Hubba hubba. Enough said.

And finally… Our last 5 picks for sexiest Asian males ever:

I end this 8A slumber party with a YouTube video of random hot Asian guys, courtesy of Joz: com/watch? v=5Z6aUlev8Cw

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