Paging Dr. Miracles…

Here’s an internet comedy series from LA based comedian Randall Park (member of MTV’s Wild’n Out) called “Dr. Miracles” about a doctor with certain life saving abilities in his.. um… “DNA”, let us say. This series literally had me spitting up my food, water and blood (the ‘blood’ part not so much literal). From the lines to the intentionally low budget set design and costume/makeup, this show doesn’t seem to try to hide its warts but rather shows them off proudly and makes it an element of its comedy. Here’s an excerpt describing Episode 4 (my favorite so far):

The 14 minute epic fourth episode of the hugely popular internet series which debuts on www.Channel Brought to you by comedian/actor Randall Park (, featuring Eddie Shin, Liza Lapira, Ray Lai & Matt Hill. This very special episode features Dwayne Perkins (Conan O’ Brien, Comedy Central Presents), Joshua Funk & Nyima Funk (Wild N’ Out), Johnny Scourtis, Beth Dover & Sekou Kane as Ghostface Killah.

Just be warned, this is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK.

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