For Korean Parents, Height can Change Fate

How important is height? For South Korean parents, it’s more than important. I’m not sure why, but ever since I can remember, I knew the parentals in South Korea were obsessed with the height of their children; it would come up in daily conversation as moms shared about their children’s height and the mom with the shortest kid would hang her head in shame.

You can read this New York Times articleto learn more about the obsession of these ambitious parents. My favorite quote is “Here, if you change your height, you can change your fate.”

I’m not sure what height has to do with your fate, but I know that South Korean parents believe your height — and your looks — can pave a better and brighter future. And then it makes me wonder why they slave-drive their children to study so hard; after all, according to these same South Korean parents, a short-smart kid has a dismal future ahead compared to a tall-dumb kid.

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