Students Eating Instant Ramen Increase Risk of Chronic Disease

I love food; no, no, I really LOVE food. It’s a relationship that has been sacred and intimate and enjoyable. I scoff at canned soups and instant anything.

But, somewhere in my genetic makeup is a deep love for instant ramen.

I blame my Dad for this; I grew up sneaking instant ramen into my belly as often as I can. I had to hide it from the Mother who frowned upon the horror that is instant ramen. She would go on and on about how bad it was and how it’s going to ruin my health. I would have a sassy comeback and ignore her and I happily slurped through my bowl of instant goodness. I love it so ┬ámuch, I even have my own little method of cooking it.

This is the reason I would never show my Mother┬áthis article on students who have ate instant foods increasing their risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Oh, the gloating she would do and the triumph she would feel knowing that her nagging has been true all along. She would never be silenced in saying over and over again how instant ramen consumption really does have negative and horrible affects on one’s health.

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