The Character Genetics of Final Fantasy

So I was chit-chatting with my beautiful blond wife and talking about the children that mixed couples would have. If you think about it, any features such as blue eyes and blond hair would be pretty much eradicated by the dominant genes. But here’s the rub of it: maybe it wouldn’t? After all, even Time magazine had an article way back in 2001 about the “Eurasian Invasion”. If that trend holds true, there definitely could be some recessive characteristics that show up again.

If you think about how brunettes have married blonds in Caucasians, the only thing that might happen is that the recessive traits would pop back up a few generations down. This should also hold true also with the multi-racial couples–which brings me to another point.

Did the Japanese know something that we didn’t know? If you look at every single RPG, or anything designed by Squaresoft in the 1990s and Square Enix in the 2000s, the main character designs that seem to have Asian features but with genetic traits from Caucasians. Now whether or not anime and manga carry these looks from a popular design style, or they have some time travel device, I couldn’t tell ya.

Digging deeper, we find that this breaks into racial theory on gaming and the anime genres that have been viewed from a number of angles. Some say that the Japanese are secretly admiring certain Caucasian features:

When most foreigners look at manga for the first time today and see characters with huge saucer eyes, lanky legs, and what appears to be blonde hair, they often want to know why there are so many “Caucasian” people in the stories. When told that most of these characters are not “Caucasians” but “Japanese,” they are flabbergasted (Dreamland 60).

Others believe that it’s just a fantasy driven perception in which each race will see themselves overall in the animation. But why get all edumacated about it? What I do know is this: my grandchildren could perhaps look like Tifa Lockhart and and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy. And that thought is just so dang cool.

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