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8AsiansNews: Venomous Sea Snake in Gulf of Thailand

Highly venomous sea snakes are harvested from the ocean in the Gulf of Thailand to fill a growing demand for the consumption of these snakes in food, drinks, and medicine all around Asia, as documented and reported by National Geographic … Continue reading

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NPR: The Frightened Vietnamese Kid Who Became A U.S. Army General

Last year, Viet Luong made history by being the first Vietnamese American to become a U.S. general. Forty years ago this past week, Luong was a 9-year-old boy in Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) fell to the … Continue reading

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Reel Asian Highlight: Pearls of the Far East Review

Making its World Premiere at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival (starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th-19th) is PEARLS OF THE FAR EAST (Canada/Vietnam), a collection of seven short stories inspired by true events spanning several generations. The film captures some … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Artist Mondega is For The People

While I classify myself as a lover of all things techno and classic rock, I’m a huge fan of hip hop but only when it comes to the artists who treat their work seriously. In the realm of Asian American … Continue reading

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Facebook Reunites Vietnam Vet Father and Son

I’m a Facebook newbie — some might even call me an anti-Facebookie. It’s not that I’m anti; it’s that I didn’t get on board with all the hype and hullabaloo. I caved and joined the craze not too long ago … Continue reading

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