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8Tracks Review: ‘In Fina We Trust’ by Awkwafina

Young Fina: slanty-eyed dreama This is the summer of Awkwafina.  The New York rapper’s new movie Ocean’s 8 is a hit, and her next film Crazy Rich Asians is expected to blow up in August.  With all the “Who’s Awkwafina?” buzz I’ve … Continue reading

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The Continual Evolution of Asian American Youth Culture

One of the (few) benefits of having teenagers is getting a glimpse of what youth culture is like these days.  Given that I myself am decades removed from that time period, I like to compare what I see and hear … Continue reading

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Asian American Urban Dance: Breaking Stereotypes, Entering American Mainstream Thought

Nothing says mainstream like a show on the Las Vegas strip, and the Jabbawockeez’s new show Prism that my family and I recently saw in Luxor is one sign that Asian Americans as hip-hop dancing has hit the mainstream.  This … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Artist Mondega is For The People

While I classify myself as a lover of all things techno and classic rock, I’m a huge fan of hip hop but only when it comes to the artists who treat their work seriously. In the realm of Asian American … Continue reading

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Original “Anime Hip-Hop Martial Arts Musical” to be Workshopped by East West Players Writers’ Gallery in L.A.

You read that right– anime hip-hop martial arts musical! It’s all that and a bag of chips!* East West Players has gathered a creative team to develop a new musical that utilizes all three art forms and a 25 minute … Continue reading

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Adding a Helping of Heritage on a Full Plate (Part 2 – Being with other Asian Americans)

“Why don’t you hang around those other Filipinos?” asked my Mom to my brother and sister. “Because they are in gangs and like to smoke in the school bathrooms,” replied my brother. The mother in this New York Times story … Continue reading

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