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Asian American Commercial Watch: Nature’s Bounty – Better off Healthy – “Treadmill”

https://youtu.be/GvRBJetBXes I caught this Nature’s Bounty television commercial for fish oil while watching I think CNN on a Saturday morning. I like how this 0:15 second commercial shows the woman’s future self accelerated over time an rewinds back. My mother … Continue reading

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Is that Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong?

Is that really Bruce Lee playing ping pong?  There had been enough questions about this ad, which came out in 2008, that an entry in Snopes was created.  Turns out it is an ad created by Nokia for a phone, … Continue reading

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Nielsen Reports On The State Of The Asian American Consumer

Nielsen recently released a report on Asian American consumers, called State of the Asian American Consumer Report: Growing Market, Growing Impact. It focuses on Asian American buying habits (e.g. Asian American make more shopping trips and are less likely to … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Targeted by Advertisers

With a half a trillion in income and high median household income, Asian Americans are now being targeted by advertisers. This made me wonder. Is this a good thing for Asian Americans? Can it be bad? How can you target … Continue reading

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Controversial Groupon Super Bowl Commercial Exploits Tibet for Laughs

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOwJOcp-Mxk I was only half-watching Super Bowl XLV today, but my attention was piqued when an ad featuring Asians (Tibetans) appeared on my TV. It turns out, it was an ad by Groupon, featuring Timothy Hutton which opened with what … Continue reading

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SuperBowl Ad features Doritos Samurai Throwing “Ninja Stars” and Swinging “Nunchucks”

Here’s a SuperBowl commercial that annoyed me, courtesy of Doritos. In this ad, some guys in a gym take Doritos from samurai– and suffer the consequences!!!111!!1 OMGLOLWTFBBQ! This ad was popular enough that it ranked in the Top 20 of … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Marketers to Asian Americans

One of the few things that I look forward to when I have to go to my Wells Fargo bank branch is looking at the photo murals there.  On one wall are long ago scenes of Chinatowns and also pictures … Continue reading

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Watching TV on a Sony Bravia HDTV can improve my Chinese?

A loyal reader pointed us to this latest Sony commercial. In an ever-increasing field of HDTV manufacturers, Sony has been making the case that it’s worth buying their brand and claims, “You can’t fake Sony quality. It makes watching sports … Continue reading

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KFC vs. KGC: WTF???

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has been promoting their new offering, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, with the tagline, UNTHINK what you thought about KFC – Taste the unfried side of KFC. Joz and I both noticed that KFC is running a new, … Continue reading

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McDonald’s “Asian Weeks” Ad Baffles 8Asians

… at least two of them anyway. Moye shared this with me and neither of us can figure this out. Does the ad fold down? Huh? What?! You can count ME confused but somehow, oddly, I am craving a fried … Continue reading

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