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Controversial Groupon Super Bowl Commercial Exploits Tibet for Laughs

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOwJOcp-Mxk I was only half-watching Super Bowl XLV today, but my attention was piqued when an ad featuring Asians (Tibetans) appeared on my TV. It turns out, it was an ad by Groupon, featuring Timothy Hutton which opened with what … Continue reading

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SuperBowl Ad features Doritos Samurai Throwing “Ninja Stars” and Swinging “Nunchucks”

Here’s a SuperBowl commercial that annoyed me, courtesy of Doritos. In this ad, some guys in a gym take Doritos from samurai– and suffer the consequences!!!111!!1 OMGLOLWTFBBQ! This ad was popular enough that it ranked in the Top 20 of … Continue reading

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Help Kina! – Part Deux

Remember how Kina Grannis was looking to cross the semi-finals? Well she has and it’s now down to three. So until January 27th, each day, there’s a vote. While you might be voting already, she’s got the look and voice … Continue reading

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Help Kina Grannis get to the Super Bowl

Kina Grannis is a beautiful half Japanese musician/songwriter based out of Austin, Texas. I only just heard of her today and I’m already madly in love with her voice. A little late to the game, hopefully the last umph move … Continue reading

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