SuperBowl Ad features Doritos Samurai Throwing “Ninja Stars” and Swinging “Nunchucks”

Here’s a SuperBowl commercial that annoyed me, courtesy of Doritos. In this ad, some guys in a gym take Doritos from samurai– and suffer the consequences!!!111!!1 OMGLOLWTFBBQ! This ad was popular enough that it ranked in the Top 20 of the USA Today Super Bowl Ads Meter. (This was one of 4 consumer-created ads which aired during the big game.)

I don’t care that the Doritos Samurai is a white guy– in fact, I think it might be kind of racist if it was an Asian guy. This ad annoyed me because it used various martial arts in combination with each other– mixing up of the martial arts– not to be confused with intentionally featuring “mixed martial arts” (MMA).

Maybe I’ve just seen too many depictions of various martial arts being confused for each other– I’m talking about you Karate Kid 2010 and The Foot Fist Way— that my first reaction to the commercial was “Why is the Doritos Samurai throwing Doritos shurikens and swinging a Doritos nunchaku?” I mean, would it be so hard to make the guy swing a Doritos katana? Maybe shoot the guy with a Doritos yumi?

Then again, we are talking about a guy wearing a samurai outfit made out of Doritos, so who cares about accuracy?

On a side note, his outfit does look quite cheesy, crunchy, and delicious. Too bad it probably chafes. (Ow.)

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