POP 88 #40 – Non-Stop Trance Mix

Grab Your Glowsticks!

This was at the request of Cassandra who wanted to hear a para-trance/ eurobeat show. Since there are so many forms of trance music and everyone has their own opinion on it, I came up with this non-stop mix. Personally, I’m more of a house and club beat girl.

Course, just hours after I finished the mix down, I got inundated with remixes for After School’s new track Bang! (You must check out the drumline – seriously hot!) I’m still waiting around for a decent SNSD, Run Devil Run remix to also be released.

Most of the remixes played can be found via YouTube, so you’ll have to do some legwork, but I will have the playlist after the jump.

My next episode, #41, I’ll be talking to Ellie Lee, from AATheory.com and Seoulbeats about her new project on racism. Stay tuned!

1. DJ Amaya – After School- Because of You [DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot Club Remix]
2. Aliks – Luvotomy (ft. Namie Amuro & Freemasons)
3. G Sweet – Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra V2.0 G Sweet Remix
4. Robotaki – G-Dragon – Breathe (Robotaki Remix)
5. Areia – SNSD Oh (areia remix)
6. DJ Amaya – Gackt – Ghost [DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot West Hollywood Club Mix]
7. Areia – My Ear’s Candy (areia trance remix)
8. Fuzzy Panda – Tommy February6 – Lonely In Gorgeous (empty embrace mix)

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