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I am a new college grad living abroad in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as a volunteer for a local NGO. I hope to share with you all my experiences as a Filipino American exploring Southeast Asia for the next year and if you are ever in the neighborhood let me know!

35 Years Since Khmer Rouge Takeover

April 17th, 1975 saw the end of a civil war in Cambodia between the Lon Nol Republic and a communist movement, the Khmer Rouge. What began was a massive social experiment to return Cambodia to an idyllic agrarian society. Resetting … Continue reading

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Ching Chong Chinaman

I highly recommend all you folks in Seattle and its nearby vicinities to check out this production of Ching Chong Chinaman at the Richard Hugo House, running from March 26 to April 24. I won two tickets to watch this … Continue reading

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The Axe in the Attic: Connecting Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Ketsana

Last night I watched the 2007 documentary “The Axe in the Attic,” which followed the film’s makers, Ed Pincus and Lucia Small, to New Orleans six months after Hurricane Katrina. The pair embarked on a road trip following the trails … Continue reading

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Mending Broken Glass: Khmer Rouge History Now to be Taught in Cambodia

Tuesday, 11 November, students at Sisowath High School received the first copies of a textbook detailing the autogenocide led by the Khmer Rouge regime in the years 1975 – 1978. Published by the Documentation Center of Cambodia, this textbook replaces … Continue reading

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Melody Ross: Reflections on Slain Khmer American Teenager

Last Friday, 30 October, 16-year old Melody Ross was shot while leaving Wilson High School’s Homecoming football game. She was an honors student, on the school’s track team, and college-bound: Student at Long Beach’s Wilson High fatally shot after homecoming … Continue reading

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My Time in Cambodia: Cleanin’ Like My Momma

Now that I’m living in an actual “third world” country — instead of just studying about one — I find it important to be aware of what I’m seeing and how it connects to the ideas and “truths” I learned … Continue reading

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