8Questions: Keni Styles, Asian American Male Adult Film Star

400px-Keni_Styles_2011The first time I heard of Keni Styles, one of the first heterosexual Asian male porn stars in America, I felt pride. Because there was someone out there who was breaking the stereotype that Asian males are sexless, effeminate, weird, and/or all of the above. He was proving that Asian American males could be sexy, great lovers, and desired. And he was doing it in the adult film business of all places!

According to Wikipedia, “Styles has been active in pornographic movies since August 2006. He first found steady work in Eastern Europe, relocating to live in both Prague and Budapest. In January 2010 Styles moved to Los Angeles. He is regarded as the first heterosexual Asian male porn star in American pornography as well as the only active European heterosexual male porn star of Asian origin.”

I had a chance to sit down with Keni and ask him a few questions:

1) I was checking out your Wikipedia page and it said that you were the first heterosexual Asian male porn star in American pornography. That can’t be true, can it? Why do you think that is?

I don’t strictly accept this to be true either, before I came to the States I was already aware of other Asian American males doing their thing out here. The likes of Rick Lee and Hung Low and the legend of Dick Ho were all present before me, as well as loads of popular Asian guys in the gay scene. So to discredit anyone of these guys would be false or misinformation, I feel the main reason for the Keni hype simply comes down to the type of performances. Like it or not the industry is driven by hype and to say I received a fair amount of hype is an understatement. I’ve always tried to play it down and remain humble, the fact remains people only seem to acknowledge the mainstream in porn and little light is shone on gay pornstars, POV, personal website and fetish performers. I just happen to really enjoy sex and I dunno, I wanted to do it with the big names.

2) What is the biggest challenge of being Asian American male in the Adult film industry?

My biggest challenge so far has revolved around my immigration process. The industry has been supportive and patient with me and through a 2 year process they never stopped calling and checking to see when I would be legal again to work after my initial permit expired. The process was character building to say the least, it strained my personal relationships, effected my own outlook on reasons for being here when I have a perfectly good career in Europe and I even lost some hair LOL! I went from earning big bucks and flying the Asian flag let’s say, to barely surviving below the poverty line on a long and drawn out battle to simply be accepted by your government. Through self-belief, good standing and I dunno just sheer blind hope… I finally got in.

3)  What is your best/worst experience in the industry?

I believe the best is yet to come and the worst was simply a test. There has really been nothing bad I can say about my industry because from every hardship I have learned to gleam something positive and move forward. My observations are that the type of performer I am and what is considered “normal” here in the States are not one and the same. I have come up through the ranks in Europe and done so many scenes that many out here would never even consider. So since I’ve been here it really has been a delight and enjoyable experience when it comes to my actual work experience. No bad experiences, none. All the new people I meet and the scenarios I end up in just keep getting better.

4) Tell us about your new project, Luckyasianguy.com. (Fair warning, might not be appropriate for work)

 My luckyasianguy.com project came about when I was at a point of resignation. I knew I had opened the door for more Asian men to represent themselves in the adult biz and yet I just didn’t know how I could assist. Ever since my early days back in ’06 I received hundreds of email about getting in porn and why not more Asians etc. I think my simplistic view on life just rubbed many up the wrong way and I came across as dismissive. So facing the reality of perhaps never working in the States again I decided to convert my original plan. Originally it was a personal website that was all about me and my “lucky” journey, now I wanted to do into a huge Asian guy talent search where I could personally introduce and assist wanna-be Asian males to get their dicks into porn and that hopefully would be my answer to the endless emails and calls for advice. I collected a huge library of my own scenes, just me banging hot porn chicks and of course I would have been happy with just that. However, now having taken time to go back to the drawing board, I’ll still use all my stuff to give my members value for money. However the main focus is now on the reality based episodes that involve one prospect at a time, meeting the guys, introducing them to the process and testing protocols for safe sex in the porn biz and then taking them on set, meeting the girls and finally, doing their very first porn scenes! Various different scenarios, lots of sex tips and advice thrown in for good measure and a real opportunity to be seen and recognized for their talents. Kinda like a Keni seal of approval, I happen to know almost all the directors, agents and many of the girls in the business that could make a new stud’s transition effortless and very enjoyable. I think a huge part of developing great porn performers comes with mindset and attitude to sex as well as understanding of the technicalities of production. So I am aiming to give all my lucky Asian guys the tools they need to go forth and succeed, and even if they don’t make it, I’ll step in and finish the job. It’s raw and educational and entertaining all in one. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do this because of the scope for ridicule and further damaging of our Asian pride, so creating a relaxed and enjoyable experience is my number one concern in my porn stud breeding ground lol. For the viewer there are also so many break through insights that can benefit guys as lovers at home and in turn I think my small effort will help change a much bigger picture when it comes to negative outlook on Asian male sexuality and more so Asian male self-awareness and confidence. I’m really trying my best to make this project be my sole legacy to the porn industry.

6) Do you have any advice for Asian/Asian American males?

Yes. Self-belief is the key to everything that IS, in your reality. Whatever life you live and goals you aspire to, achieving them simply lies within, in your commitment to your own self-belief. I am tired of hearing about all the plight and suffering, do not resonate with what it is you do not want. The idea that the world is against Asian men because of race is simply that, an idea. It is only made reality through those who choose to believe. Calm down, I am not in denial about racism, I am simply dismissing it from my experience. Trust me, I know that at times this seems so farfetched from your current situation and whatever it be that is blocking you from happiness and success. However, simply believe in what you want. Your time is now and whatever it is you aspire to is well within your grasp, work hard, honest and authentic to one’s self and enjoy the fruits of real self-expression. Free from all ethnic boundaries. Peace out!

To find out more about Keni, visit his website, follow him on Twitter,  or Tumbler, or watch some of his videos on YouTube. (Fair warning, some of the content on these pages might not be appropriate for work.)

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