Round 3 ‘SPRING WALTZ’ Caption This! Contest Winners!

Round 2 has ended and … man … you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a kimchee or Rain reference.

Some selected non-winning entries from Popcast88:
Caption This Round 2– “What am I doing here. This HURTS!”
– “I’m too sexy for my shirt … too sexy … too sexy.”
– “That damn Rain, thinking he’s all that with all those muscles. Well I’ll show him.”
– “How many pounds would I have to do in order to be hot?”
– “I like looking in the mirror and seeing my jersey being read
the right way.”

And the winning Entry goes to Margerthe:
“This helps keep my mind off the fact that Rain was in People” and I wasn’t.”

Some selected non-winning entries from 8 Asians:
Caption This Photo Round 2– “Dude, when am I going to fire my stylist!”
– “Did I wash my hands after going to the bathroom?”
– Thought bubble: “Can I really bring purple back? The Gap brought pink back two summers ago. I’m ahead of the curve. Just act cool. Be cool. ACT COOL DAMNIT!
– boy thinking: “alright, i’m fresh and so clean, i’m good to bust a move. oh sh*t! my finger smells like kimchee!”

And the WINNING entry goes to Heedan Chung from NY:
“Smell my doenjang.”
(we Babelfish-lished 된장 – and got “Soybean paste”)

Congrats to our winners, we’ll be contacting you shortly.

In the meantime – we’ve still got some more to give, so here comes Round 3 … you know what to do already.

Caption This! (And don’t forget to caption the photo over at Popcast88 as well!)

Caption This Round 3

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