Your iLife – Made in Taiwan

In July 18th’s The New York Times article, ” Silent Hands Behind the iPhone,” the article describes that the iPhone, along with a lot of today’s modern technological conveniences, are manufactured in Taiwan. Not only the iPhone, but broadband modems, next generation of high-speed wireless gear, as well as for some time now – mice, laptops and monitors:

“Companies on the island have captured 87 percent of the global market for wireless modems, 84 percent of the D.S.L. modem market and 70 percent of the market for personal digital assistants.In the competitive cellphone business, Taiwan companies made 12.4 percent of the world’s handsets last year, up from 9.8 percent in 2005…In all, Taiwan companies produced $31.5 billion in communications equipment and services last year, more than 50 percent above the total the year before, according to the institute, which expects production to reach a value of $46 billion by 2010. Less than a quarter of that was manufactured on Taiwan, with the bulk made on the Chinese mainland.”

So as much as China may want to invade Taiwan if Taiwan declared its independence, China would be hurt economically. That’s not to say that the Taiwanese want to tempt the mainland Chinese!

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