Chinese Women Crave Bill Gates’ Sperm

Bill GatesI tried coming up with a clever title for this article. But, well, do I really need something more attention grabbing than that? (I ripped it off from the source.)

According to Weird Asia News:

[China’s ‘Self’ magazine] asked 1000 women from over 15 cities whose bodily fluid they would like to have for some hot action. …

Bill Gates came in second to Chinese sex symbol, Andy Lau. He beat other westerners like David Beckham (5th place) and Brad Pitt (in 10th place).

So if you want to win the hearts (or loins) of thousands of Chinese women, all you have to do is be an uber-geek and make millions. Maybe billions.

The full top-ten list is:

  1. Andy Lau
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Takeshi Kaneshiro
  4. Liu Xiang
  5. David Beckham
  6. Li Ka-shing
  7. Tony Leung
  8. Louis Koo
  9. Lee-hom Wang
  10. Brad Pit

So okay, to win the hearts of thousands of Chinese women, you have to be a billionaire uber-geek, a movie star, or an athlete.

I wonder how the magazine actually phrased the question. Did they ask, “Who’s sperm would you want?” or “Who do you want to sleep with?” Because those are two very different questions.

With the first question, I can see why Bill Gates is up there. You want your kids to be uber-geek geniuses too. But with the second question… well… I dunno. Maybe some women like Bill’s glasses.

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