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Asian Hollywood Takeover in 2009!

Well, not exactly — CNN released a list of the most anticipated movies in 2009 earlier this week and surprisingly there are many Asian actors and actresses that are apart of many of these movies. Now, I’ll ignore the fact … Continue reading

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Ban Ki Moon: UN Secretary General by day & RAPPER by Night!

At the United Nations Association 50th anniversary gala last week the United Nation’s Secretary general Ban Ki Moon showed off his rapping skills, probably out of inspiration from one of the guests of honor, Jay-Z, who was there to be … Continue reading

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The Wonder Girls Gets Blogged on Perez Hilton

I was originally going to title this post “Perez Hilton likes Underage Korean Girls.” BAM! How is that for yellow journalism? But contrary to that headline, Perez Hilton, the hardest working person in gossip business, recently posted about “How The … Continue reading

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“It Just Isn’t Looking Like Asia’s Century”: Proof that Expats Have No Idea What They Are Talking About

Today I read an article from the Washington Post titled “So Far, It Just Isn’t Looking Like Asia’s Century,” and to be blunt, it was a bunch of generic bullshit slapped together. Joshua Kurlantzick, apparently a visiting scholar at the … Continue reading

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Barack Obama is a Metaphor…

“Love is a red red Rose” Metaphors are wonderful for the fact that it attempts to explain the deepest and most profound theories & ideas in a few simple words. The fact that a rose has thorns, its beautiful fragrance … Continue reading

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Obama says Asians are short…

“Obviously there are a lot of folk from Asian ancestry in Hawaii, generally the teams aren’t as tall…” — Barack Obama The quote begins at the 3:00 mark Personally I don’t find this quote offensive at all. Despite the fact … Continue reading

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“Chink Nigger”

Today was the unveiling of the music video for “Be a Nigger Too” by legendary Queensbridge MC Nasir Jones; better known by his one syllable moniker, or his pen name if you would, Nas. Nas created a firestorm and has … Continue reading

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Racist 1960s Comic?

I came across this 1960s comic, “Tod Holton Super Green Beret” pretty randomly; it’s about a boy during the sixties who uses a magic green beret hat to transform into a super solider with magic powers, that goes around to … Continue reading

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Beijing: The Show Must Go On…

In the ancient temple of Forbidden City, Tai Miao, Nike President and CEO Mark Parker and 22 Chinese Federations unveiled their uniform collections. There were high performance shoes on display and models in their uniforms, running, playing basketball, and boxing. … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Barack!

In no way am I voicing my political opinion, BUT I am voicing the recent foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic candidate in the post-Bush election, even with the West Virgina win. Also, I am a … Continue reading

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50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time!

OH MY GOD… what an INCREDIBLE way to waste 5 hours of my life. Maybe its because I’m wayyy too young, but I remember waiting for my parents to fall asleep and then sneaking to the living room to watch … Continue reading

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North Korea: Lets Take a Tour!

Paul Koontz, who was the first VP of marketing at Netscape, gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to go visit North Korea…. with his two kids. He presents a satirical point of view, which is very refreshing, also the … Continue reading

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