The Wonder Girls Gets Blogged on Perez Hilton

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI was originally going to title this post “Perez Hilton likes Underage Korean Girls.” BAM! How is that for yellow journalism?

But contrary to that headline, Perez Hilton, the hardest working person in gossip business, recently posted about “How The Koreans Do it”, the “Koreans” referencing the girl-group Wonder Girls and their newest video called “Nobody But You”. (Side note: the comment section of this particular Perez Hilton post has some interesting views, if you know what I mean…)

(The song starts around the 2:00 mark.)

In the far far away land that is Korea, the Wonder Girls are probably the most popular music act in the country. They were responsible for the “Tell Me Craze” in which they took the whole southern peninsula of Korea by storm. The whole country was doing the “Tell me Dance” — think of it as the Soulja Boy dance, except in Korea EVERYBODY was doing it: police officers, teachers, flight attendants, students, body builders, infants.

Now this is where I was going digress into the plethora of Korean artists that are trying to enter the American music market, including the recent announcement of BoA’s decision to adventure into the USA, and dissect and analyze each artists’ chances… but since no one in the United States care, including me, I wont do that. Instead, this post is just an excuse to post pics of Yoobin from the Wonder Girls. Who by the way is smoking hot.

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