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Taito, creator of “Space Invaders”, has teamed up with Yahoo Japan and incorporated the game into the website where space invaders destroy the Yahoo homepage. It was a part of a April Fools joke but its still active. GO BEFORE … Continue reading

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What do strong Asian women sound like??

Caution: Strong Asian Women Cursing… Swagger+Articulate speech+Loud Cursing = SEXY!!!!!!!!

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Sun Myung Moon: It’s Not a Conspiracy… Its True

This is the larger-than-life story of Reverend Moon, the billionaire Korean preacher behind the Washington Times, the heart of the GOP media machine… who jet-sets around the world with members of the Bush family… who literally claims to be the … Continue reading

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How fast can you use the Asian as the punchline???

Apparently 1 min and 14 secs… “I roll with a clan, you look like Jackie Chan” OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NOT EDIT: this is Lupe Fiasco and Chris Brown backstage after a show in London for those of you who may not have … Continue reading

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I love dancing Asian toddlers…

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L.A. Korean Town’s Korean culture to be made into a film

According to the Korean Content News Team: “A film dealing with the Koreans’ unique marriage and family culture as reflected in the marriage of a Korean couple in L.A. Korean Town has begun shooting.The Wedding Palace, the Korean version of … Continue reading

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North Korea: An Audacity of Hope???

A South Korean tourist, left, and a North Korean guide at Pakyon Falls, the first stop on a tour Ok, in my last post I very subtlety blasted the efforts of North Korea’s effort of a “Symphonic Diplomacy.” Being of … Continue reading

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Musical Diplomacy and Tears in North Korea… NOT

The New York Philharmonic held an unprecedented concert in Pyongyang that was supposed to lead to warmer ties between North Korea and the United States. Oh wait, let me rephrase that; better relations between Kim Jon-Il and the United States. … Continue reading

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