The Raiders in Tagalog

Raiders in TagalogWe’re in week 2 of the NFL football season and I’ve discovered the cultural sensitivity of one particular NFL team. I’m a Niner fan since birth, but I’ll have to give props to the Oakland Raiders for this one. I can see it now, a sea of silver and black face painted fans saying, Ano ba! Raiders! The Oakland Raiders website seeks to expand its fanbase to native Tagalog speaking fans. I originally found the article on You can take a look at the Tagalog website here.:

The addition of a Tagalog version to the website is very relevant in terms of representing Filipino culture and shows the organization’s dedication to a burgeoning Filipino population in both the Bay Area and the region of Southern California

Next time you’re in the Bay Area and you head to a Raiders game, ask the vendor selling hot dogs for lumpia or pancit instead. And if you’re lucky you might even get balut! Now if only the Niners were just as forward thinking, I’d be all over it! P.S. The Raiders organization is also culturally sensitive to Japanese fans too!

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