San Francisco: Wed, April 30th – Margaret Cho Day!

Wow, I beat out angry asian man out for news on Asian American entertainment… no doubt he will have this info posted soon…So I just found out from my friend who is usually in the know for concerts, etc. in San Francisco that tomorrow is officially Margaret Cho Day:

Join Margaret Cho and friends at San Francisco City Hall, as Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaims Wednesday, April 30th 2008, Margaret Cho Day! The live event will be taped for use in Margaret’s new show, “The Cho Show,” which will air on Vh1 this summer. The proclamation is open to the public, welcoming family, friends and fans of all ages. All attendees will be required to sign a release allowing the use of their image on television. Below please find important information regarding location and time for Margaret’s big day:”

When: Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Please arrive promptly at 4:00pm

Where: San Francisco City Hall
The South Light Court
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett PL.
San Francisco, CA 94102

You can download the official flyer here (.pdf). I’m not sure if I can make it to downtown San Francisco tomorrow, but I imagine there will be a sizable crowd to support this Bay Area native. And my source tells me that Cho will make a special surprise guest performance at a San Francisco comedy club Wednesday night as well…

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