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In Praise of Spam: Prose, a Play, and a Poem

Spam, Eggs, and Rice. That was a familiar and comforting meal when I was a kid, and I still feel that way today. While Spam has been condemned as the epitomy of unhealthy processed food, I recently learned about an … Continue reading

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Obama campaign needs to lose 80/20

If there’s anything I despise, it’s spam. One thing I hate worse than spam? It’s political spam. And the 80-20 Initiative doesn’t do itself or the Democratic Party any favors. Lo and behold, I go and check the one single … Continue reading

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Korean Air targets you by your surname

I thought it was a one time deal. Seriously. The first time I totally overlooked it. But two barrages of snail mail junk is absolutely annoying. Korean Air has been pumping their US marketing up in the six months. Just … Continue reading

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Does the 80-20 initiative uses spamming tactics?

The 80-20 Initiative is one that claims to want to pull all asian americans as a swing block for voting and is nonpartisan and… well… yadda yadda. That’s great and all, and I’m glad they’re looking to have Asians vote. … Continue reading

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