Does the 80-20 initiative uses spamming tactics?

SB Woo spam

The 80-20 Initiative is one that claims to want to pull all asian americans as a swing block for voting and is nonpartisan and… well… yadda yadda. That’s great and all, and I’m glad they’re looking to have Asians vote. Sweet stuff. But, it really bothers me when people like this gained my information from who knows where and start spamming me with political things that I didn’t sign up for. (In case you’re wondering why 80-20 is not linked, I don’t find it right in my mind to actually provide linkback to organizations that operate in this mannerism. Why provide them free SEO love?).

Funniest part of this? I haven’t used the email that they’re sending to since 1997. Huh?

A quick search leads me to believe this isn’t the first time this has happened. Apparently there are others that are getting these spam emails.

Having been a technical consultant for nonprofits and having advised a friend that is currently run a campaign, I can tell you that buying email lists with asian names doesn’t constitute support nor does it really make me want to give any money to your organization. In fact, it makes me seriously wary of the supposed “good will” behind this organization in itself. Maybe it’s just me.

I’ll also point out that it seems that my email had already denoted the address as spam, and I’ve looked it up and found that there are some major blacklists that have also added this particular domain to their distributions. Anyone else receive these messages? Perhaps there are supporters out there that would like to comment on why these types of tactics are even used?

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