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Huffington Post’s Usage of “Bu Shi” is “Bu Dwei”

Know how someone will look at you funny when you try a foreign language and you totally say something that you don’t have a clue about? Especially in Asian languages, where you could be throwing around phrases online translation software … Continue reading

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Obama campaign needs to lose 80/20

If there’s anything I despise, it’s spam. One thing I hate worse than spam? It’s political spam. And the 80-20 Initiative doesn’t do itself or the Democratic Party any favors. Lo and behold, I go and check the one single … Continue reading

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Anime Failing in the U.S. as Fan Base Increases

In the airport yesterday, I grabbed a copy of Future Anime. Amusingly, there was an Editor’s Note on the state of anime since mid-2006 and how downloads have been hurting the industry as the progression of broadband has changed the … Continue reading

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