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Lily Huang is a writer of Taiwanese descent, who lives on the East coast. She grew up in suburbia completely oblivious to Asian culture, and is making up for it now.

Cultural Psychology: the Power Distance Index and Asian Culture

I read a lot of cultural psychology, and find that it is relevant to my experiences as an Asian American and explains a lot of the dynamics I see around me. I want to share some of these ideas and … Continue reading

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APACUNT and National Asian American Theater Festival

Something to do in New York: the National Asian American Theater Festival. This year’s festival seems to have very little connection to the performances from the first NAATF in 2007, which offered twenty-five groups and a lot more variety. Here … Continue reading

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Racial Microaggressions

One night as I got home to my apartment building, some guys were hanging around outside. As I passed, one of them said something about Chinese food. It was something like, “Chinese food is the worst. It’s gross.” I might’ve … Continue reading

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3rd International Secret Agents Concert Showcases Asian American Talent

In Los Angeles at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, over a thousand Asian Americans spent their Labor Day rocking out at the International Secret Agents concert. Produced by the hip hop group Far*East Movement and Wong Fu Productions, the concert … Continue reading

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Claustrophobia, Paper Heart at the Asian American International Film Festival

Claustrophobia will play on opening night (tonight!) of the Asian American International Film Festival. The screening will be its New York premiere. Q&A with Ivy Ho follows. Also playing tonight: Paper Heart, a documentary by Charlyne Yi who goes in … Continue reading

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LOLcats: a New Yorker Caption Contest for the Masses

LOLcats is, in simple terms, a website that has pictures of cats with funny captions. If you haven’t seen the site, go now because seeing it is better than any explanation. The owner of the site, Ben Huh, spoke at … Continue reading

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Asian Organizations in New York City

This is a Google Map of Asian and Asian American resources in New York City. I started this map to help me remember them geographically so I could recommend the nearest “Asian thing” to any given person (New Yorkers are … Continue reading

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Review: Everything Asian by Sung J. Woo

In Everything Asian, Dae Joon Kim is a 12 year old kid whose family has just moved from Korea to New Jersey. Or more precisely, Dae Joon, his mother and his sister have come from Korea to join the father … Continue reading

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The Owl and the Sparrow

There’s a part of me that’s too tough, wise, and jaded for a film about a Vietnamese kid who runs away and must find a way to survive in Ho Chi Minh City. But there’s also a part of me … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Chinese Americans

The Asian American Studies Department at the University of Maryland has published a report called A Portrait of Chinese Americans. This pdf contains information about residential patterns, employment, and demographic and social profiles. To make the data friendlier to the … Continue reading

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But the Panda was my Favorite

While walking through Chinatown last weekend, my friend stopped at a poster and said, “Look, the Beijing Olympic mascots.” She pointed at each one and said its name– “Bei, Jing, Huan, Ying, Ni–” and explained that when you read their … Continue reading

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Ping Pong Playa!

You know a good comedy when you laugh right through it —and afterwards when someone asks, “What it was about?” you say, “Oh I don’t know. It was just about this guy. He was trying to play ping pong.” Just … Continue reading

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