Asian Organizations in New York City

This is a Google Map of Asian and Asian American resources in New York City. I started this map to help me remember them geographically so I could recommend the nearest “Asian thing” to any given person (New Yorkers are very lazy and often are only willing to go within twenty blocks of themselves.)

All of these have been around for years and will probably stick around. Well, Subway Cinema complained in last year’s Asian American Film Festival program guide that they are broke and might not continue. And yet the guide looked like a million dollars! Maybe it’s the rent at their Park Avenue office.

P.S. I threw in a few food trucks and izakayas in for fun and good measure. See the map for yourself, after the jump.

(Flickr photo credit: acnatta)

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GREEN: go, visit. walk in. has open-to- public-elements such as gallery.
YELLOW: an office, contact or appointment necessary
WHITE FLAG: temporary or annual festival
SQUIGGLY BLUE LINES: not specifically Asian but a related interest or culturally similar/relevant

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About Lily Huang

Lily Huang is a writer of Taiwanese descent, who lives on the East coast. She grew up in suburbia completely oblivious to Asian culture, and is making up for it now.
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