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Asian American Commercial Watch: 8Asians’ Edward Hong in Latest CARFAX Spot Our very own Edward Hong appears in the latest CARFAX commercial, echoing the famous words coined by that company, “Show me the CARFAX.” My favorite commercial staring Hong is the incredibly NSFW one.  

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Do Asians Have The Softest Skin?

A non-Asian ex-girlfriend once told me that my skin was really soft. Not just kinda soft but REALLY soft. Baby butt soft. She asked if I did “anything” to my skin. I told her no. At first, she didn’t believe … Continue reading

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Gamer In Taiwan Dies After Playing Diablo 3 For 40 Hours Straight

Oh no, not again. Via G4tv: “The boy, Chuang, was resting on a table in an Internet Cafe when an attendant came to wake him up. According to reports, Chuang stood up, took a few steps around, and then collapsed, … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Being An Asian Actress

By Chantria Tram Having gone through theatre school as one of the very few Asians in the program (we all acknowledged each other in the hallways as if to say “Hey! You’re Asian too! Congrats!!”), and reading plays that were … Continue reading

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Asian Jewish Couple Publishes Research on Asian Jewish Couples

We have talked about Asians and Jews a number of times at 8asians, from Jewish/Asian marriages, to building bonds between Asian and Jewish communities and comparing limits on Asian admissions to elite colleges to admission limits on Jews during the … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Unlikely To Report Domestic Violence

A recent study by Michigan State professor Hyunkag Cho reveals that Asian American victims of domestic violence are unlikely to report it or seek help.  Professor Cho cites cultural attitudes and also the lack of culturally sensitive services as causes … Continue reading

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Having an Asian Moment: Sullivan and Son On TBS

The new show Sullivan and Son premieres this week on TBS and I am sure everyone is excited about it. I’ve been seeing tons of ads for this show that seems to have appeared out of thin air and I … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin’s Houston Rockets Move Angers Fans

If you haven’t heard already from numerous sources, Jeremy Lin has officially taken the $25 million offer from Houston Rockets after his home team, the New York Knicks, refused to match the offer. If I was in his shoes, I … Continue reading

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How To Be The Asian Female TV/Movie Sidekick

By Van Well folks, the television summer season is here, which means out with the old and in with the new. After HBO’s Girls got slammed for its lack of diversity, the latest contender is ABC Family’s Bunheads written by … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin Joins The Houston Rockets Jeremy Lin is now officially moving to re-join the Houston Rockets (in case you haven’t been following the post-season affairs of the NBA, the draft and post-aftermath of free agency). Yes, I said re-join, since he technically was part … Continue reading

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