Do Asians Have The Softest Skin?

A non-Asian ex-girlfriend once told me that my skin was really soft. Not just kinda soft but REALLY soft. Baby butt soft. She asked if I did “anything” to my skin. I told her no. At first, she didn’t believe me but she eventually chalked it up to me being “Asian.”

At the time I wasn’t sure how I should take that statement. Was it racist? Should I have been offended? I have to be honest, I never knew it was a stereotype. But I recently saw her on my Facebook news feed and it got me thinking, do Asian people really have the softest skin?

Being the hard hitting journalist that I am, I decided that it was time to turn my considerable “researching” skills onto this very important subject. And this is what I found:

It appears that many people equate Asians with having the softest skin. Here are some of the examples of questions I found on Yahoo! Answers and various other forums:

Why do Asians have good skin?

Why doAasians have such soft sooth skin?

How come Asians have the softest skin………..?

Why do Asian girls have soft skin?

They were even talking about it on StormFront (a site dedicated to white nationalists):

also, in that discussion i addressed if you would compare the most beautfiul races of women the asian look, bearing, grace, femininity is the most different; all other races have more similarities; the asian women are the most feminine, have slanty or almond eyes, have the softest skin.

And one surprising things I discovered while Googling the subject was that it seems every Asian escort (re: prostitute) used “soft skin” as a selling point. Here is one example:

I am naturally beautiful and gifted with a creative mind. I stand 5’4″ and carry with me a sexy little figure 34a-22-32, round hips with a very curvy backside. I have beautiful brown eyes, long raven hair, softest skin and amazing luscious lips. I love to indulge, embrace, feel, love and laugh.

The majority… okay, all of the above sites… are talking about the softness of Asian women’s skin. So I decided to see if the same stereotype was true for Asian men as well. I looked and looked and eventually found this on an X-rated gay blog:

I met up with a handsome young Asian guy who brought me to a friend’s apartment so I could f*ck him. He kissed very gently. He had beautiful hands and feet, and the smoothest softest skin I’ve ever felt.

To be fair, I also found many sites and forums that said that African and southern Mediterranean women also had fantastic (soft) skin as well.

It is clear that many people seem to believe that Asians have soft skin. The reasons for this are varied. Here were some of the more interesting theories:

The reason Asians have such good skin is cause most of the Asian community is respectful so they would listen to there parent’s teachings and live healthy there school always provides exercise as well for a healthy lifestyle (By this way, this person self-identified as an “Asian.”)

I wanna live in asia so i can be healthy like them.. And there food is soo good… I hate this american junk good D:< 

They [Asians] use sesame oil which has literally no fat. Plus the most common milk that they drink is soymilk or goat milk, which is much more better vs. the cow milk in the US! Asians stray away from cheeses and things just really heavy in calories/fat!

If your kind of asian is the chinese type, it’s because they care more about how they look and they take care of it well. Also, since they’re skin is so pale, scars and acne will show up very easily, therefore they have to take very good care of it in order to keep it soft and flawless. No body wants to look ugly, they want to look flawless.

However, this was my favorite answer:

Because God loves them ridiculously much. =P

But this was the best answer (in my opinion):

I think there are plenty of Asians who don’t have “such soft smooth skin”.
You are forgetting the elderly, the impoverished, and the people who have skin diseases.

In the end, I don’t believe all Asian people have soft skin. Some Asians do. And as the person above mentions, there are plenty of Asians that do not. The same could be said for every single race of humans.

However, for my single friends out there, this might be a good “experiment.” Do a “touch test” and find out for yourselves whether or not Asians have the softest skin. But please ask for permission before you touch! Let me know your results.

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