Having an Asian Moment: Sullivan and Son On TBS

The new show Sullivan and Son premieres this week on TBS and I am sure everyone is excited about it. I’ve been seeing tons of ads for this show that seems to have appeared out of thin air and I couldn’t be happier that there is a sitcom that not only has an Asian lead but also a very culturally diverse cast.

We are definitely making strides folks.

But the main question is, “Will I watch the premiere?”

The answer is “No.” I am probably going to get crucified for that, but based on the premise, it’s just not my kind of show. I am not necessarily a bro/bar sitcom kind of guy (I was never into Cheers). Just because it has an Asian lead, doesn’t necessarily mean I have to be a diehard fan of the show. I support Asians breaking into the biz but that doesn’t mean I have to smother them with my desperate love. I save that for my dating life.

However, that doesn’t mean I won’t give the show a chance. I will watch it in the near future — and why shouldn’t I? The cast is led by stand-up comedian Steve Byrne — and I like comedy. He is joined by Jodi Long who was the mom in Margaret Cho’s short-lived and brilliant All American Girl (which I ADORED) as well as Vivian Bang who just looks damn fun. Finally, I have to mention the paternal figure on the show, Dan Lauria. Yes, I know he is a white man, but he was the dad on The Wonder Years! As Kevin Arnold strict dad, he always scared the crap out of me! It won’t be at the top of my DVR queue but I will get to it sooner than later.


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