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City of Fremont restricts Mission Peak parking

A survey conducted by New America Media shows that people of color do care about the preservation of public lands.   This is confirmed by the fact that Fremont’s Mission Peak is a favorite place for Asian Americans to hike, and … Continue reading

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Selfie-seeking Asian Americans Cause Problems and Changes at Mission Peak

When I hiked Mission Peak two years ago, I saw lots of Asians on the trails, but I was surprised to see recent headlines like “Crowds Overrun Mission Peak in Fremont to Shoot Selfies.” Apparently, the number of hikers there … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Take a Hike — Up Mission Peak

I started noticing pictures of people on Mission Peak (located in Fremont, California) on Facebook a while ago. Asians ranging from The Daughter and her friends to retired friends of ours were posting pictures of themselves hanging off the pole … Continue reading

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The Wealthiest Asian American Neighborhoods

“When you get past the first gate, you drive in for a while and then you have to get through another gate in order to get to her house.” “You mean she lives in a gated community within a gated … Continue reading

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