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DÌDI (弟弟) Official Trailer Released

It seemed funny that we talked about Sean Wang and his movie DÌDI (弟弟) but we never included a trailer.  We can remedy that as the official trailer from Focus Features has just come out.  Like the main character in … Continue reading

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Asian American Segregation and Income Inequality in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Othering and Belonging Institute recently issued an update to their report on segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area using 2020 census data, and the section on the most segregated Asian American neighborhoods caught my eye.  Some of the … Continue reading

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Indian Americans taking a hit during the Recession

Of the many people affected by the recession, some not typically thought about are Indian Americans.   Just a few years ago, Indian Americans were lauded for their success in the hotel and motel industry, owning 43% of all hotels and … Continue reading

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Fremont, California: Asian American Christmas Destination

Many Asian-Americans are not Christian and don’t believe in Santa Claus.  In Fremont, the Bay Area’s fourth largest city and one with a plurality of Asian Americans, there was plenty to do on Christmas.  This article talks about how Fremont … Continue reading

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