Fremont, California: Asian American Christmas Destination

Many Asian-Americans are not Christian and don’t believe in Santa Claus.  In Fremont, the Bay Area’s fourth largest city and one with a plurality of Asian Americans, there was plenty to do on Christmas.  This article talks about how Fremont has become an Asian American Christmas destination as most shops are closed elsewhere.  Asian themed shopping centers were filled on Christmas, and Indian movie theatres were open.  “Pleasanton is dead today — there’s no activity at all,” said Yash Bannur, who drove to Fremont with his wife to take in a movie at the Naz8 cinemas.  Fremont was once my Christmas destination as my family lived there.  Now I live in a mostly Asian neighborhood where I also find it convenient that many shops are open on Christmas.  Christmas meals are always easier when you can supplement with Asian takeout!

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