How was Jeremy Lin’s Debut as a Golden State Warrior? Let’s Ask Twitter

Jeremy Lin’s debut as a Golden State Warrior was tonight, made all the more convenient for Asian Americans as it was also Asian Heritage Night at Oracle Arena, with a Q&A session with Jeremy Lin. How did it go? Well, since I wasn’t there, let’s ask Twitter, shall we? Good.

  • Jeremy Lin played for 2:32 minutes played with one steal. (@channelAPA)
  • He was given a standing ovation for a jumpball. (@nickisun) But he was “smart enough to dribble out [the] clock instead of [taking a] shot at [the] buzzer.” (@MSteinMetzCSN)
  • Enough people stayed around for the QA to fill up seven sections of the stadium. (@poormanscommish)
  • In Q&A, “Jeremy Lin says he had three offers and ‘the counter offers were higher,’ but he stuck with the Warriors.” (@poormanscommish)
  • Afterwards, him and his family ate at Dennys! (@phutmasterflex)
  • As to what the non-Asians might think of this whole “Lin-mania from Asian Americans” thing going on in the Bay Area? From NBA Analyst Ric Bucher: “If you ever wondered where loyal support veers into embarrassing attachment, this might be it.”

Embarrassing attachment?  Please, Ric — you’ve never grown up with Asian parents; you have no idea what embarrassing attachment is like! We just like to follow our favorite basketball prospects to Denny’s, and still expect them to be neuroscientists when their NBA career is over. YOU WILL BE A NEUROSCIENTIST, RIGHT JEREMY LIN?

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