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An Asian American Halloween Story

With Halloween just around the corner, I have to admit that October 31st has never been one of my favorite holidays. That opinion would probably be a surprise to most Asian American kids. I mean, what’s not to like about … Continue reading

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WTF: Jersey Shore’s “You look Asian. I like it.”

I’m not a regular watcher MTV’s Jersey Shore, but if I am channel surfing and see that it’s on, I’ll check out the episode just to see what the hell is going on (i.e. what kind of fight, meltdown, hookups … Continue reading

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One on One with Beau Sia

Every now and then, we often come across certain events in our lives that define who we are now. These moments appear to be simple on the surface, but for individuals like Beau Sia, he can recall every vivid detail … Continue reading

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Announcing The “Evil Chinese Professor” Meme-Off

There’s been some controversy on the web lately about a racist political ad paid for by the “Citizens of Political Waste” which has sparked up some conversation with other Asian American blogs around the web. (OH NOEZ, THE CHINESE MAY … Continue reading

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Producer of K-Town Reality Show Writes About His Experiences

This piece, “No Time For Love, Dr. Jones! (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Produced a Reality Show)” was originally written for and has been reposted here with permission. By Mike Le …And you may think it … Continue reading

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Online Tools in the fight against Asian American Diabetes

Asian Americans are said to be more likely than whites to develop Type 2 Diabetes.  To help Asian Americans deal with this situation, the Joslin Diabetes Center has upgraded its Asian American Diabetes Initiative website. contains such tools as … Continue reading

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Asian American Fathers: Take time to be a Dad The Daughter: Are you going to Number Two Son’s game? Me: Yes. The Daughter: You are good about going to our games. You went to every one of mine. Me: I was the coach of your team. I had … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Win a Free Tshirt from JUZD Streetwear Clothing by Supporting ‘Millions’

A few weeks ago, Millions, a web series being put together by filmmaker Andrew Chung hit our radars. They’re still in the fundraising stage, and they’re almost at their goal! To help them reach their Kickstarter goal by their deadline … Continue reading

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Visitors in Yantai Park Must Pay to Relax on Park Benches

An interesting news story reports that Yantai Park in Shangdong province, eastern China has installed coin-operated park benches that allows visitors to relax in the park only if they input coins for that privilege, or else metal spikes will ‘encourage’ … Continue reading

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Is Michael Nava using a Chinese Name to Win Over SF Voters?

Mexican-American Michael Nava is running for judge in San Francisco, where ballots are printed in English, Spanish and Chinese, and I have the extreme fortune of getting Chinese voting literature. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that the candidate for … Continue reading

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Modern Family Reinforces the Model Minority, But At Least It’s Funny

I’m a big fan of Modern Family, and I’m glad that the mockumentary TV comedy won so many Emmys recently. We’ve blogged about how the show often makes fun of as well as reinforces stereotypes at the same time, and … Continue reading

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