WTF: Jersey Shore’s “You look Asian. I like it.”

I’m not a regular watcher MTV’s Jersey Shore, but if I am channel surfing and see that it’s on, I’ll check out the episode just to see what the hell is going on (i.e. what kind of fight, meltdown, hookups or partying, etc.). Although the show is trashy, I must admit it can be pretty entertaining and can be a guilty pleasure – sort of a car wreck where you know you shouldn’t be watching and moving along, but just can’t help be curious.

In the second to last episode of this season, housemates and romantically linked Ronnie and Sammi were relaxing on the couch after a Sunday dinner when one of the roommates says they like exotic girls in Miami. Sammi says she’s exotic and asks Ronnie what he thinks. He, to my surprise, says:

“You look Asian. I like it.”

WTF? First Nevada Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle thinks that Hispanic high school students look Asian, and now Ronnie is saying that Sammi looks Asian? Does Ronnie have yellow fever? But then Sammi gave some context: she took offense to that comment, not because she’s racist, but because Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend was Asian. Outside, when she was chatting with Snooki, Snooki says Sammi doesn’t look Asian. But Sammi says she’s been called Asian a few times. Really? On what planet does an Italian American like Sammi look Asian? I’m sorry, but Sammi does not look Asian! I’m wondering – is this a new trend, calling people Asian when they’re not Asian? I’ve never been mistaken for being Italian (Though I wouldn’t mind having the same abs as “The Situation!”) It would be hilarious if the K-Town folks are ever mistaken for Italians if and when the show gets picked up.

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