Spotlight on K-Town’s Steve “Mohawk” Kim

MTV IggyK-Town Exclusive: Spotlight on Steve (MTVK)

I’m loving these spotlights that MTV Iggy is doing on the individual members of the K-Town cast. A few weeks ago, Eddy dished about Scarlet Chan, one of the biggest personalities on the female side of the cast… now let’s talk about Steve “Mohawk” Kim, the only member of the cast who actually lives and parties in L.A.’s Koreatown in real life.

This guy is hilarious and this video perfectly captures his personality and attitude in a short 3 minute clip. “What you see is what you get” with Steve and I love how he doesn’t hold back as he rates the women in the K-Town house, talks about what he is attracted to in a girl (“face: #1 and boobs #2…”), and of course, waxes philosophical about his distinctive hair.

Now I know I’m no hot chick, but when we were talking at Audrey’s Night Out last month, Steve literally could not finish a sentence/conversation with me because a hot chick walked by and he just turned, stopped her, and started talking to her instead of me. I didn’t take this too personally because I had actually been talking to Peter Le (also from the K-Town cast)– and also because not 30 seconds later, I witnessed a group of 5 or 6 pretty girls heading toward the elevators catching his eye. He ditched the first hot chick mid-sentence, followed the group of girls down the hallway, somehow talking his way in between the group of girls, and ended up with a girl in each arm by the time they pushed the “down” button in less than 3 minutes.

Say what you will about the guy, but there’s no denying his ability to spot and get the girls. If you’re a guy, you probably wish you had this guy’s smooth moves. And remember ladies, if you want to catch the eye of this mohawked man– it’s face first, THEN boobs. (Plan your plastic surgeries accordingly.)

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