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8Books Review: Korean American by Eric Kim

Eric Kim’s debut cookbook Korean American is an absolute joy to read and cook from. The essays are beautifully written (no surprise if you’ve ever perused Kim’s writing for the New York Times) and the recipes are wide-ranging with drool-inducing … Continue reading

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8Tracks Review: “Longing (Someday)” Video by Luke McQueen

https://youtu.be/pwOYeY7HIto Our history can complete Luke McQueen’s website says he was adopted from South Korea at the age of five to Longmont, Colorado. Around the age of ten, he won a local talent competition with an original composition. Throughout grade … Continue reading

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North Virginia Courts the Asian American Vote

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyupb2zp450 NPR reports yet another state courting the Asian American vote. As the fastest growing minority in the state, Asian Americans are now 5% of the state and make up significant voting blocks in certain communities. The two ads here … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Korean American Churches

Christian churches are strange, complicated gatherings of people where the tension between acknowledging brokenness and appearing virtuous is constantly present. Growing up in a Korean American church I always felt this awkward back and forth. People interacted with each other … Continue reading

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The Oikos University Shooting: Mental Health and Korean American Community

There have been a number of school shootings in the news lately, with the most recent including an elementary school in the Pacific Northwest and a middle school in in Texas in 2012. I can think of few things more … Continue reading

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POP 88 #42 – The House of Suh

While there were a lot of really fascinating documentaries shown at this year’s Hot Docs World Documentary Festival in Toronto this past week, one of the more stand out ones was “The House of Suh”. Directed by Iris Shim, the … Continue reading

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