Asian American Commercial Watch: The Year of the You – TurboTax

Turbo_Tax_commercial_AM_WFI’m a TurboTax user and fan since using the annual service online since 2000. I’ve already finished my taxes (early this year!), but it’s no susprirse that Intuit is advertising TurboTax given we are at the height of the tax season.

So I’ve seen a shorter version of this TurboTax commercial on TV lately and what struck me was the mix raced couple of an Asian American man with a white women (AM/WF) getting married and being a couple. As I have blogged before, the most common interracial couple to be depicted in television commercials (and I am sure in television shows and movies), has been the White Male / Asian Female (WM/AF) couple. The most recent AM/WF that I had blogged previously before was this odd, but funny Old Spice commercial.

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