Asian American Commercial Watch: Old Spice’s Bowl

8A-2014-01-17-OldSpiceBowlAdI saw this commercial post by a friend on Facebook, who had noticed that the Asian American man starring in this commercial had a cute, white, female girlfriend. The only other commercial I recall that has such an Asian Male / White Female (AM/WF) combination in a commercial is the McDonald’s commercial talking about how a white woman thought his Asian boyfriend was the “Egg McMuffin of Boyfriends. As I had blogged before, the most common interracial couple pairing in American television commercials today is the White Male / Asian Female combination. Nice to see a change for once.

What was also interesting and entertaining about this commercial was the watchful Asian American mom – which kind of reminded me of this awesome old Target commercial. Personally, I find it ridiculous that any company would advertise their product thinking that by simply using their product that a man will instantly be able to attract a woman to like them.

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