Asian American Commercial Watch: McDonald’s – Egg McMuffin of Boyfriends

I was watching one of my favorite shows last week, Modern Family, and came across this McDonald’s commercial for the egg McMuffin. To my absolute surprise, I see a young couple with an attractive Asian American young adult professing his love to his girlfriend. His white girlfriend. I was kind of a bit shocked. I had blogged about Randall Park in his Ally Bank commercial, but this is McDonald’s!

I thought this commercial was funny and great. I mean, I could imagine – especially depending if a man and a woman have only been dating for a short period of time, a woman might be shocked and surprised if her boyfriend professed his love so early in a relationship. Shocked and surprised like when a man surprises his girlfriend by proposing to her at a UCLA basketball game – which goes horribly wrong. So in the McDonald’s commercial, the young woman has to think quickly and tells her boyfriend that he is the “Egg McMuffin of Boyfriends” – The young man takes that as a compliment – as in, the best boyfriend ever. And McDonald’s uses the phrase repeatedly, such-and-such is the “Egg McMuffin” of such-and-such for humor.

This commercial works for any couple of any age or race. The Asian American woman news reporter in the bit was an extra bonus. I wonder if mixed race Asian Male and White Female couples in commercials is a new trend? If so, I’m Lovin’ It :).



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