Taiwanese Company EVA Airlines Brings Back Hello Kitty Jets

So maybe you already have your collection of Hello Kitty dolls, note paper, mugs, plates and sandwich maker, but have you been on a Hello Kitty jet? Perhaps some of you got a chance to ride on one of these crazy cute, only minorly over-the-top the first time EVA Air, a Taiwan based airline company, teamed up with Sanrio to create one of these Hello Kitty planes back in 2005, with a second following in 2006. Both planes were decorated inside and out with Hello Kitty motifs and even the napkins, seat backs, flight attendant aprons and snacks were Hello Kitty. Originally used primarily for routes to Japan, sadly, the planes were retired back in 2009.

But fear not, Hello Kitty fans; just a few months ago, EVA air announced that in honor of their twentieth anniversary, they’re creating three – yes, three – Hello Kitty planes, complete with titles and little stories: Magic Jet, Apple Jet and World Jet. And yes, this is real life.

The new planes will fly from Taiwan to Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. And get this, in case the thought of being surrounded by loads of Hello Kitty for a flight isn’t enough (baggage stickers, hand-washing lotion, you name it, it’s got Hello Kitty on it), you can get a sneak preview on their website (in Chinese) which plays ridiculously annoying cutesy music. Commenting on the airline’s marketing strategy, a brand expert noted that Hello Kitty is a “powerhouse brand” in Asia and so “as far as associating yourself with Hello Kitty…there is no risk.” Yeah, that sounds about right to me.

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