Traveling Taiwan: Snow King & Ice Monster (Part 9 of 24)

Curry Ice Cream

The above picture is a scoop of curry ice cream from Snow King in Taipei, Taiwan. The first bite I took was surprisingly creamy with a bit of the curry spice kick at the end. I thought I would be able to finish this unassuming little scoop, but alas, after about the eighth bite, I had to tap out. The pleasant little curry spice kick at the end started to wear on my nerves that kept expecting pure creamy sweetness only to be disrupted by the curry. Nevertheless, it was an experience, and there are plenty of other interesting flavors at this little unique hole-in-the-wall ice cream shop. Is that Kidney Ice Cream I see at the bottom of that menu?

Snow King

A pleasant surprise was that just outside of the back alley where this little eccentric shop of unexpected ice cream flavors was Shi Men Ding, a major out door shopping district which was bustling with a cornucopia of shops, all kinds of restaurants and eateries, and tons of people.

Xi Men Ding

Taiwan 2013 Friday 226

Taiwan 2013 Friday 223

Another place we stopped by to enjoy some Taiwanese desserts was a pretty popular joint known as Ice Monster.

Ice Monster 1

Ice Monster 2

A nice, clean, and hip environment, it’s a pretty relaxing spot to hang out and satisfy you sweet tooth. It’s best known for its shaved ice, which were definitely delicious.

Ice Monster 5

Ice Monster 3

I was hankering for some mochi rice balls instead, and they had just the dish for me.

Ice Monster 4

Next up, some tea and political history to wash down all those sweets, Wisteria Tea House.

Taiwan 2013 Wed Dec25 130

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