Touring Iceland with Photographer Pei Ketron | American Express

I caught this American Express commercial featuring San Francisco-based photographer Pei Ketron:

“From epic waterfalls to the local eats of Reykjavik, photographer Pei Ketron (@PKetron) needed the right gear to make sure she could get every shot. See how Iceland looked through her lens and how the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express had her back every step of the way.”

When I first saw her name, I was wondering if she was Asian, since she looked Asian, but had a non-Asian sounding last name (though a very Asian sounding first name). Well, after a quick Google search, I found an interview with Ketron and learned more about her interesting background:

“On your website you say you were “born in Taiwan and raised on the Navajo Nation in Arizona as part of a biracial household.” Can you elaborate on that? How has this impacted who you are today?

When I was very young, my mother remarried, resulting in a blended Chinese/white family. We moved to the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona when I was just three years old. As a result, I grew up heavily influenced by three separate cultures: my native Chinese culture (most heavily felt during the summers I spent visiting extended family in Taiwan), the white American culture I was essentially raised in at home, and the Native American culture that permeated my schooling and socialization outside the home.”


I’m not a big Instagram user, so I can’t say that I knew that Ketron is an “Instagram Sensation” as the interviewer describes her as – with over 862k followers!

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