Averie Bishop: First Asian American Miss Texas and Candidate for Texas House District 112

By Angelina Chiang

I stumbled across Avery Bishop during my senior year of high school, and after reading about her interests and accomplishments, she quickly became a role model due to our similar interests.

Averie Bishop grew up in a rural neighborhood in Texas, where she struggled to fit in with her classmates and feel represented by the leaders of her community. Despite these obstacles, Bishop’s drive allowed her to excel academically. After high school, she went on to attend Southern Methodist University, where she graduated with a 4.0, and then studied and graduated from the SMU Dedman School of Law, the first in her family to do so. During her time in law school, Bishop’s passion for advocacy and community service led her to run for Miss Texas 2022. Her platform focused on the goals of helping children feel at home through policy writing, diversity and inclusion in school programs, and digital representation. After a year of hard work and advocacy, Bishop became the first ever Asian American to win Miss Texas.

Now at 27 years old, in addition to being a former Miss Texas and a first-generation law school graduate, she is also an author, the founder of a non-profit organization, an influencer with 1 million supporters across all platforms, and current political candidate for Texas House District 112.

Her campaign platform includes the goals of ​​protecting Texas youth in public schools, ensuring economic and job prosperity for everybody, fighting for affordable and accessible healthcare, combating climate change, and establishing an efficient immigration process.

From growing up surviving off Spaghetti-O’s and food stamps to her current role now as a well-qualified political candidate, Bishop’s journey inspires us to overcome challenges and pursue our dreams, no matter where we come from or who we are. Her dedication to advocacy and community service is a reminder of the impact that one person can have on hundreds of thousands of people.

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