POP 88 #20 – Special Metal Show

Special thanks to Sam Dunn and Scot McFayden for taking the time to speak with me about their upcoming documentary, GLOBAL METAL.

GLOBAL METAL is the sequel to the successful documentary METAL: A Headbanger’s Journey about the evolution of Heavy Metal music. GLOBAL METAL is about the effect globalization has had on heavy metal music. I strongly recommend watching both documentaries regardless if you’re fan of the music or not.

GLOBAL METAL opens in Toronto and Vancouver June 20th and in Montreal June 27th. Look out for it at a film festival near you.

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Also, for anyone who has ever sent me an email – I just upgraded my computer and ended up wiping out all my POP 88 email – it would be greatly appreciated if you could resend – especially those whose requests I haven’t played yet!

As always, if you want to support the podcast, I ask that you support the artists by buying their CDs through the links provided.


1. Life is an Adventure – Gao Qi & Overload [Search iTunes Store: Chao Zai]
2. Drug – Moon Hee Jun
3. さいこうのでかい「Saikou no Sekai」- 新興宗教楽団NoGoD
4. Rose – Anna Tsuchiya as NANA
5. Soaring Bird – Tang Dynasty [Search iTunes Store]
6. Earth in the Dark (Band Version) – Toshi (X Japan)
7. changes – BaseBallBear
8. The Warrior – Gao Qi @ Overload [Search iTunes Store: Chao Zai]

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