Stephen Colbert Looking for an “Asian Guy.” I’m asking – where are the Asians as well?

On Friday’s special episode of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert was reviewing the Democratic National Convention and Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday and noted the diversity of people on the stage with Obama once his speech was over – but he was looking for an “Asian Guy.” He eventually finds the token “Asian Guy” and proclaims that he needs an “Asian Guy.” That theme was played briefly throughout the episode. If anybody knows how I can be Stephen Colbert’s “Asian Guy” – let me know! 🙂

Thursday evening, I was in downtown San Francisco to attend a California Democratic Party fundraiser to watch Obama’s acceptance speech. One of my friends, a fellow Taiwanese-American, decided to join me since she was curious and had never been to a political fundraiser at all. San Francisco has the highest percentage of Asian Americans than any other major city in the United, where over 30% of its city dwellers being Asian.

Well, as my friend also observed, in the crowd of 400+, there was maybe at most 5% to 10%… I often ask myself – where are all the Asians? Come on – get active!

Speaking of Asian Americans and the Democratic National Convention, Angry Asian Man has a good synopsis of Asian American involvement with some “correspondents.” Here are some links to their coverage:

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